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No doubt a swimming pool is a wonderful and enjoyable thing. But it’s also important to realize a great deal of mechanical support and engineering is necessary to make one so, and to keep it so. Clean, sparkling, kept at an enjoyable temperature and above all, kept safe.

If the pool filter, pump and motor are not all operating properly, the water will grow cloudy and full of natural debris. If the chemistry is not correct and balanced – whether it be chlorine, salt system, or something else – unhealthy bacteria will develop. Water that is not heated properly – whether it be with a gas, propane, electric or solar heater – is not only unpleasant to swim in, but has physical properties that can tax and jeopardize the entire pool system; from the pipes and mechanical components to the plaster and tile. And maybe more than anything else, we all know that electricity and water just don’t go well together. To protect against any possible danger, important wiring, grounding and safety features must be in place – properly installed and/or replaced.

At Gator’s we know what it takes when it comes to your swimming pool, and bring with us a deep understanding about how the entire swimming pool system works, and should be working. It’s our job to know all the technical stuff. Yours to be swimming in your pool with your friends and family!

Pool Repair Services

System troubleshooting, thorough diagnostic, repairs, parts, heaters, pumps, filters, motors, valves, auto and remote controls, programming, lighting, natural chemistry, chlorine and salt systems, auto and remote system control stations and programming . . . Gator’s Pool & Spa Repair Service has got you covered.


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