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McGee Brothers masonry comes highly recommended by Ray Terry of About Your House Radio.

Actual Testimonial – Alan McGee had one of his “brickwork artists” come out last Wednesday to fill in the crack with a flexible material and paint over the repair job. He did a great job!

The tech said, based on his experience, that our crack was not a serious problem related to foundation shifting (similar to what your expert and the structural engineer said). He said the crack was most likely caused by the Charlotte area going in and out of drought conditions over the past 10 years. He has seen a lot of houses with similar problems recently and his patching has been sufficient in every case because the material he stuffed in the crack will expand and contract with the impact of weather conditions on the soil under and around our house.

His paintwork blended right in the surrounding bricks so well that our neighbors can’t see where the crack was.

Thanks for the referral to McGee.

Greg Tilley

McGee Brothers is the largest residential masonry company in the United States. McGee Brothers, a Charlotte masonry company was founded in 1971 and has grown to over 200 crews and 1400 employees system wide. McGee Brothers is a pioneer in the masonry industry and strives to bring professionalism and orderliness to the profession.

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