Hi Tree service pic 2When you call Tim Young Tree Service and speak with Tim, be sure to tell them that Jeff Johnson of Blue Ring Management said “iwouldhire Tim Young Tree Service for all of our tree needs!

When you hire Tim Young Tree Service you’ll quickly realize:

  • They have your best interests in heart.
  • They are totally well equipped, well trained and professional in all of the work we do.
  • They have a wealth of knowledge from many  years experience that you can benefit from.

Tim Young 2

Meet Tim Young – Tim began his career working at Davey Tree as he attended Appalachian State University.

He lived in Taipei, Taiwan in 1982-83 and went to Mandarin Training Center to learn the language, culture and history of the Chinese.  This training was valuable as he was the interpreter for the City of Charlotte for our first inaugural meeting with BaoDing China in Sept 1987.

Tim formed Tim Young Tree Service in December 2002 and after years of successful business became a Certified Arborist in 2013.

Their company offers Expert Tree Services for Charlotte, NC and the surrounding metro area, including: tree maintenance, tree trimming, cutting, stump removal and stump grinding.

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