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Sunset Beach, NC

At the tail end of the Brunswick Island chain, Sunset Beach has the distinction of being the Southern-most surf in North Carolina. But while it may be last in geography, many find it at the top-of-the-list for a quiet, old-fashioned, retro, beach vacation. A walk to Bird Island is always a family favorite. For almost a mile, the beach houses give way to one of the most untouched shorelines in Brunswick where all that separates you from the surf and marsh is a wide stretch of beach and dunes. Discover sun, moon and stars at the Ingram Planetarium, or by simply taking in the sunrise or sunset, both of which can be seen over the water several months of the year due to the island’s unique positioning.

It is the last developed Atlantic Ocean beach before the South Carolina border. One-third of the town’s area occupies a barrier island between the ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway; the remainder of the town extends onto the mainland to the north. Undeveloped Bird Island is directly to the west, Calabash is the closest town to the west on the mainland, and Ocean Isle Beach is to the east.


The town consists of both mainland neighborhoods and a barrier island of approximately 1,200 homes. Three of the larger mainland neighborhoods in the town are golf course developments at Oyster Bay, Sea Trail Resort and Sandpiper Bay. Ocean Ridge Plantation, while not in the town limits, has one of its “sister communities” in Sunset Beach’s ETJ. Ocean Ridge has an amenities center/clubhouse on the island, while Sea Trail Home Owners Association has a designated parking lot for members. The island is primarily home to vacation rental homes and cottages, although there are close to 100 full-time residents as well.

Come to Sunset Beach to reconnect with nature—and with your family as well.

Information provided by – ncbrunswick.com and wikipedia.org



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